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1. Terms and conditions

The information, published on this website is purely indicative and not contractual, and may be changed without notice. It does not comprise an offer to buy or to sell, nor financial advice or any sort of commitment on the part of P2P Consultants.

2. Conflicts of interest policy

P2P Consultants is determined to identify and prevent any conflict of interest that might arise in the course of delivering investment and related services to their clients.
With this in mind, we implement procedures to identify and manage such conflicts, should they arise, as well as possible.
We inform clients of the general nature or source of such conflicts of interest, should such a situation be identified, and make appropriate decisions with clients.

3. Copyright

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The reproduction or copying of all or any part of the elements of this website (including logos, photographs, design, analyses, information, data, prices, assessments or anything whatsoever) is prohibited without prior written permission from P2P Consultants.

The pages on the website may be downloaded onto a hard drive or printed for your personal use, provided this notice is printed on each copy, no alterations are made to any of the pages and no use is made of all or any of them in any other work or publication, using any medium whatsoever. The distribution or copying of all or part of these pages for commercial purposes is also prohibited.